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3 Herb Infused Honey Recipes for Healthy Living

3 Herb Infused Honey Recipes for Healthy Living

By: Ariana Palmieri

Honey is a powerful, deeply healing gift from bees we should all be utilizing. Here are three herb infused honeys you need to try to enhance honey's already potent healing abilities. As a reminder – always use local raw honey for herb infused honey recipes, as this honey is the purest and best for you.

Lavender Honey - For Stress

Whenever you’re feeling stressed, lavender can help you relax. Just the smell of it calms you down, so imagine what ingesting it would do for you.



  1. Place the dried lavender at the bottom of a glass jar, then pour the honey on top of them. Fill it almost to the top with honey. Using a spoon or chopstick, stir to coat the herbs with all the honey, making sure they’re mixed well. Add more honey, if necessary, then secure the lid on the jar. You may want to label the jar with the date and contents so you don’t forget.
  2. Let the herbs infuse for at least 5 days or so. If the lavender floats to the top, turn the jar over a few times to keep them coated in honey. For a more robust flavor, let it infuse for another week or longer.
  3. When ready, strain the honey into a clean jar, making sure to catch any bits of lavender. You can use the lavender to make yourself some herbal tea. Store the honey in a cool, dry place.


To use: Eat a spoonful whenever you’re feeling stressed! You can also spread this on toast for a yummy, stress busting snack.


Garlic Honey – For Immune System

Need an immune system boost? With winter approaching, you should definitely consider making this amazing garlic honey infusion. Garlic helps fight colds and flus, and s also antiviral. You’re going to want this in your medicine cabinet this cold and flu season!



  1. Peel the garlic. Using the flat side of the knife, crush the garlic (this helps it release the allicin – one of the most potent antioxidants found in food). Scoop your crushed cloves and put them into a glass jar. Make sure to get as much oil and juices from the crushed garlic as you can into the jar as well. Let it sit for about 10 to 20 minutes, allowing the oils to flow.
  2. Next up, fill the jar to the top with honey, making sure to cover the garlic cloves completely. Screw on the lid, shakes it up, and leave it to rest for about 3 to 5 days. When the 3 to 5 days are up, feel free to store it in the refrigerator and use as needed.


To use: Eat a spoonful of honey, including a crushed clove, per day. Chew the clove well before swallowing. The garlic’s infusion with honey will take away the strong garlic flavor, making it much easier to eat. For kids, skip out on the clove and give them a teaspoon of the honey. If you feel yourself getting sick or rundown, try to eat at least 6 cloves a day. The honey infused garlic can also help a sore throat.


Sage Honey – For Sore Throats

Sage and honey go great together: Honey is antimicrobial and antibacterial, where sage is soothing, disinfecting and really great against sore throats. The two combined make a powerhouse against raspy, irritated throats that kind of come with the changing seasons. Do yourself a favorite and whip up a batch of this sage honey – it's easy and great to have on hand!




  1. Place raw honey in a pot and add in the fresh sage leaves. Put the heat on very low and stir the herbs into the honey with a wooden spoon until the sage leaves start to look “dry”. This means the healing properties from the sage are transferring into the honey.
  2. Pull out the sage leaves and bottle the infused honey in a clean, sterilized jar. You should be able to keep it in your cupboard for about a year.


To use: Add one or two teaspoons to a cup of tea whenever your throat is feeling sore. You can also just take it as is, by the spoonful. If you have a sore throat, take about 5 tablespoons throughout the course of the day.


Want another herb infused honey recipe? Try our chamomile electuary recipe. It’s great for promoting relaxation! Also, here are some other natural remedies using honey.


Ariana Palmieri is a green beauty blogger who strives to live as eco-friendly as possible. In July 2015 she started her blog, Greenify-Me, to document her own journey with sustainable products and makeup that would benefit the environment. In her spare time she loves to read wellness-related books, devour sushi, drink bubble tea with her boyfriend, and befriend stray cats.

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