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CBD info


An amazing product for wellness, and for treatment to help heal the body without chemical compounds.


For both man, woman, cat and, or dog, there’s health benefits for all to be gained.


What is CBD?


It’s a natural occurring plant grown in nature that has benefits to fight inflammation..., and has strong Antioxidant properties. Check out


It’s a natural alternative for those looking for options for pain relief and or Anti-inflammatory products.


Grown in nature, the flowering tops, leaves and resin of cannabis …, which oils are thenextracted.

When purchasing CBD products know where the product comes from and how the oils are extracted are all equally important.


Benefits of CBD:


Epilepsy and seizure disorders
Pain and inflammation
PTSD and anxiety
Crohn’s disease
Multiple sclerosis
Muscle spasms


Benefits for Cats & Dogs:

appetite stimulation

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The American pain association (APA) has started, a multi-institutional CBD research initiative partnering at seven medical schoolsaround the United States. Sanjay Gupta MD, CNN medical correspondent currently serves as president. Doctor Gupta and the APA are working at making CBD an accessible form ofpain treatment.



As for me when I need relief from pain,inflammation ...., and all the other ailments my disease brings I trust natures products over the manmade solutions found within a laboratory filled with chemicals, created for profit in mind,not the person.


To witness first-hand the miracle of ingredients found within Mother nature, has given me back,my life


When taking products with CBD I no longer struggle as much…., with each step I take because for me each step is a giant step. The pain that echo’s and clashes with horrific disabling pain.


Becomes more of a gentle lion, dancing within the wind. Instead of the 🔥 fire, and sounds of Gnashing pain crippling me from within. CBD’s will create a gentle harmony of peace to orchestrate life in.  I will never have the body I once had before my disease. CBD, helps calm the disease, without the bad side effects of man-made chemicals.


Manmade medicine, comes with a hand out of side effects. Hoping that one of the ugly faces, of the two-sided effects of chemicals compounds isn’t going to show its ugly face and keep you from your life and your work.


Remember to discuss with your doctor the benefits of choosing a more natural product to help bring the relief and or enhance your life.


Recently I had an opportunity to step

Back into time, not only through the fair I am currently participating at, also a few weeks back I opened the front door of my ancestor’s house,a 250 plus year home.


As I walked the steps through time ,and the grounds and noticed nature all around…, the herb gardens, and flowers .....,🌸, kitchen gardens was what man depended on, long before there was drugstores and Pharmaceutical companies there was country doctors , there was kitchen miracles that helped heal the body , not control the body and mind through chemicals equations. Which also drains our pockets, and Is based upon a scientist 🥼 dressed in a lab coat.


Science has importance, as well as livingaccording to nature not against nature can be the solution we need for a healthy body and healthy mind.


Give nature a chance, to help heal the natural human body!


With a flood of new products on the market, and so many companies are recognizing the health benefits of CBD’s

We here at Beezy Beez have pure honest products that our customers know and trust.


All made with the finest ingredients from our CBD’s to our bee related products. 

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Bees represent community and we are so glad you are part of the Beezy Beez community.

If this is your first time visiting our site welcome, please step in look around and see our products and read our reviews.


We hope you give our products a try.

Everything from our CBD products, to our honey…, a lot of love and care happens to bring the magic to you from Mother Nature, sealed with care, honesty and integrity our promise to you.



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