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By: Thyme Captured

When I was asked by, beezy beez honey,

To write a blog about the benefits of their ,6oz HEMP EXTRACT CINNAMON CREAMED HONEY (500mg OF FULL SPECTRUM HEMP EXTRACT)🍯

I welcomed the opportunity, but not without doing research ..., because if I’m going to use a product, I want to know each ingredient within a product and the benefits of using a product I choose to use.


In a world of technology overload, I wanted to make it easy for you the end user to have the links needed to get the answers.

As a woman and a mom of my hive, I already know so many benefits…, of natural products.

As I’ve breastfed all my children what goes into my body is important. As well as my family and, I strive to live an organic natural life style.


Cinnamon a wonderful flavorful spice most think of in French toast and or cinnamon raisin bread all amazing delicious and comforting.


Cinnamon has been around since biblical times..., long before there were corner drug stores, andPharmaceutical manufacturing…, nature has her own medicine cabinet.


If we were to step back in time, and 🧳 traveled back to say a time 10,000 years ago honey was also known to provide all the nutrients to sustain life, back before big pharmaceutical companies existed, Beekeeping was in existence, being the second oldest profession.


When cinnamon coupled together in the same product creates, a harmonious happy marriage of health benefits in a jar made in nature, created by nature brought together for you the consumer to enjoy all the benefits.

Without any side effects of a chemically compounded, man-made product.


Health benefits of cinnamon:                                      

Loaded with Antioxidants
Anti-Inflammatory Properties
Has shown to help lower blood sugar
Increases Neurotrophic factors, in the brain
Fights infection



Health Benefits Of CBD:

Pain relief
Helps nausea
Reduces anxiety
Anti-cancer potential
Helps nausea



Skepticism, on trusting nature or not, because time and time again I’ve seen how nature can stand up against man made products.

If researched, it will Be discovered a lot of man-madeproducts are based off of herbal remedies that’s been used long before modern times. Produced, by Medicine men, and by Herbalists.


“Medicine started as herbs and plants," said Lauri Wright, a spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. "So, it almost comes full circle, as we're now going back and proving what some of these plant substances may do for health."


There’s been so much buzz in the news as well in magazines, newspaper and health conscience circles regarding the use of CBD oil, honey and natural products.


Beezy products are pure, and honest …,and will buzz around throughout your body to work all the amazing benefits nature has to offer from her hive and garden to your kitchen table.


There have many studies done regarding the use of herbs and spices, as always there’s two side of every coin.

In the end its consumer that need to make the choice that’s right for them and to remember big pharmaceutical companies have a lot to lose, because nature is nature’s right defense in protecting our, body the way nature intended life to be.



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