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Holiday stress

“Holiday stress, and not dressed in blues”
  By: Thyme Captured

With the rush of the holiday season as well as old man winter knocking at the door. What’s
one to do, to help ward of the stress anxiety and even the sniffles this time of year.

Think CBD within this weekly blog we will discuss the benefits of CBD for stress, anxiety and
overall wellness and all the ABC’s and XYZ’s to take all of the guess work of the benefits of
using CBD products.

First know where your products come from. There’s a lot of products on the markets and if
you don’t use reputable products, you may be doing more harm than good to your body.
That’s why I have always chosen Beezy Beez a product line that you can trust.

Stress ...., who doesn’t feel stress especially this time of year with the holiday season
upon us rushing from store to store, place to place trying to find the perfect gift.

,Timing our purchases to save money and even sitting on the internet trying to get cyber
deals, hunting for a parking spots at the stores or waiting for the package to arrive in the

Also, this time of year for many it’s office holiday parties, and family get togethers.
Some of us welcome all the festivities, and for some of us such gatherings create feelings of
anxiety and stress of the once a year get togethers.

Then there’s the end of fiscal year, and end of year quotas and of course let’s not forget end
of year reviews.

All seems to creep upon us like old man winter at the door.

With so much occurring before the New year why not try some CBD along with your current
health routine. By incorporating CBD oil within your diet in no time you will see less stress
and anxiety in no time at all.
Which in turn benefits and aids your overall health as we are made up of a whole body and
mind. Stress and anxiety contribute to overall health and wellbeing in general.

Anxiety disorder are the most common mental health issues faced by many. It’s is estimated
that one out of every thirteen people suffer from some form of anxiety. Anxiety is highly
treatable without pharmaceuticals.

Most physicians would gladly write a prescription for anti-anxiety       pills.

Before going down the route of chemicals and putting your body into a merry-go-round of
prescriptions and doses.
Why not try an amazing product from nature, called CBD oil?

How CBD benefits us
By adding some CBD oil, it helps to fine tune our bodies without the chemicals and additives
by using nature to enhance our natural bodies to help give us balance, wellness as well as less
stress, or better known as homeostasis.

,CBD stands for cannabidiol found naturally in hemp plants. Cannabinoids has shown
promising results by relieving stress and anxiety without the psychoactive effects of
marijuana as CBD contain less than the LEGAL LIMIT OF 0.3% AND UNDER limit of THC.

CBD Benefits:
       Relieves Stress
       Relieves pain, which can create stress
       Helps depression
       Reduces acne
       Reduces neurological disorders

There’s been very promising results by adding CBD oil to people’s health regimens.
Cannabinoids works with our endocannabinoid system within our body to help regulate pain,
mood inflammation, sleep, stress and anxiety.

OUR HEMP PRODUCTS…., are all natural. Made with integrity and
good manufacturing standards. Below is some of our products that can help aid in
maintaining stress, anxiety and overall balance!

       500mg TURMERIC FULL SPECTRUM HEMP EXTRACT OIL, not only has the benefits of
       CBD oil but also the benefits of turmeric for inflammation
       Hemp Extract morning Mint Soap 100mg also comes in orange

,These are just a few samples of the products on our website we ship nationwide!
Please stop by and browse through our products, think about giving the gift of wellness this
holiday season. Not only our Hemp product line but add some sweetness of our honey as

We here at   BEEZY BEEZ…,
Wish you and your family a Happy and Healthy Holiday

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