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The Art and History of Beekeeping.

The Art and History of Beekeeping
By: Thyme Captured

If we could fly through time and land through the history of
honey and beekeeping what an interesting trip it would be ��

Opinions vary ...., about the arrival of bees in the world. There’s
evidence of bees dating back to 40 million years ago. As well as
the practice of beekeeping in paintings and murals in caves all
tell a story, of the art of collecting honey�� through the ages.

The earliest methods of beekeeping (apiculture) were recorded
on the walls of ancient Egyptian tombs.
Archaeologists identified the remains of honeybees, in an
archaeological find in the Jorden valley, Israel believed to date
back 3000 years.
In Greek mythology, bees were supposed to be the messengers
of the gods. Honey was valued by Hippocrates for fever and
injuries. Aristotle wrote a book on beekeeping, although he
was wrong about a king bee, it’s a queen bee. All bee hives are
dependent upon their queen.

In North America the first honey bees were believed to be
brought here by the British, there was native bees here in
America but none that produced honey.

As the practices of beekeeping has been around since 1682
when George Wheler discovers Greek hives a prelude to
modern hives.

Pioneer of practical and commercial beekeeping in the world
was Ukrainian beekeeper and scientist Petro Prokopovych, who
created rational bee keeping methods using smoke and boxes.
Here in the United States Beekeeping is a very young craft only
dating back to the mid 1800’s

Many of the original Techniques has stood the hands of time
even in the technology world we live in beekeeping is still a
hands-on job, Beekeeping is one of the oldest forms of food

The American Reverend Lorenzo L. Langstroth started scientific
beekeeping in 1851, and is known as the "Father of American
beekeeping" (Nash 2003). He developed the movable-frame
hive, authored Langstroth on the Hive and the Honey-Bee.

Langstroth revolutionized the beekeeping practices with the
movable frame.

Honey has been around since biblical times it can be traced
through history and even found in king tuts tomb, preserved in
pottery vessel’s …., the earliest records of humans eating honey
has been dated back approximately 10,000 years ago.

Then came the domestication of the honeybee and the
commercialization of honey, when purchasing honey know
where your honey comes from. Because all honey isn’t created

When you support beekeepers (an apiarist) like,
you know you can trust where your honey came from you know
it’s pure, the way nature intended it to be enjoyed. Beezy beez,
bees, beekeeping the natural way, in a bee friendly way.

Most commercial honey produced in factories are not from one
source and the allows for a percentage of fillers.

For centuries, even to this day, honey has been used for sore
throats, digestive disorders, skin problems, hay fever, and as an
antiseptic. Holistic practitioners, considers honey to be natures
best all-around remedy.
Some Famous Beekeepers
•Sherlock Holmes
•Agnes Baden-Powell (younger sister of Boy scout founder)
•Sylvia Plath - American Poet
•Henry Fonda -Actor
•Suggs Lead singer of madness
• Leo Tolstoy -Author of war and peace


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