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A magical creature, The Bee,

By: Thyme Captured

As I sat within my garden,

Alone I thought 💭

But! ......., Wait!

What? Is that buzzing


I look down as a bee sat next to me

Looking up and said

Why all the tears miss


I smiled, and laughed ...., me speaking to a bee!!!

How silly of me, to think a bee could talk to me.


I giggled ..., and chuckled, then went back to my tears

Hello buzzed the bee

I asked ...., why me?


She said I can hear you buzzing across the flowers.... 🌸

I can smell ... your sweetness of your soul


Why so sad said the bee?

I am unable to do what I once loved,

As I smiled in pain ....

As she continued filling her pollen baskets 🧺 with sacks of pollen


Lady don’t cry in my short life ..., I visit over 5000 flowers 🌸 and fly 15 miles in an hour and then I die within two shorts months


If I can do all I do, and carry 8O % of my weight then you could still find ability ...,


can you not?


As she smiled and said call me miss Honey,

I laughed and smiled; I said my name is Bea


We giggled and she said what side of me is prettier in photos?


As I took my cane ...., and got my camera and perched myself within my gardens a canvas of life


And I watched miss honey do her waggle dance ....,

Beneath my eyes 👀, and through my lens


I began capturing life as it blooms 🌸and ….,

Then I began to bloom into a beautiful able woman with the help of a little woman, the bee

I became an able photographer a Bee 🐝photographer


I started posting my pictures on Instagram,as I wanted to give back to the ones who saved me, a bee 🐝


I saw a campaign for women ..., that make a difference in the world called #forcesforchange


and me, little Bea, began reaching out across the pond to a princess in her gardens from within my gardens .... 🌏,and she heard my cry and followed a bee foundation. Because if I helped a little, I helped a lot.



Because so much depends upon the bees

Crop list:



It’s been said by Albert Einstein a famous scientific man:




One day I don’t want to wake up to the news to find once upon a time there was hive…., there lived a queen bee and her tribe,

That once pollinated our lands and our tree’s

We once had an abundance of flowers and fruits and vegetables ........😥


But!!! Now ........,


we are awaiting for science to create the arrival of a robo techno bee.

To replace what nature had already perfected long before time 


To me bees represent so much, they represent life they provide, they represent strength, womanhood, and community.

As bee themselves are mostly female.


I am grateful to be part of a community that supports a creature that carries so much in their baskets for us the humans



When looked through the history of some famous beekeepers, and the magic they seen within this amazing tiny creature the bee:


The list of famous bee keepers





•Sherlock Holmes

•Agnes Baden-Powell(younger sister of Boy scout founder)

•Sylvia Plath - American Poet

•Henry Fonda -Actor

•Suggs Lead singer of madness

•Winnie the pooh

No, wonder why they’ve been around since biblical times as Honey with all its sweetness and with all the beauty the bees provide., through pollination giving us the flowers and the trees. 

We even we refer to all that buzz as conversation why wouldn’t we want to help the very creature that gives us the food that sustain us and the flowers we smell and the trees ..., our birds call home. 

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