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Turmeric CBD Oil: Prepare for Cold Season + Boost Immunity

Turmeric CBD Oil: Prepare for Cold Season + Boost Immunity

By: Ariana Palmieri

Turmeric is a fantastic herb that can really give your immune system a boost. Imagine it paired with a powerhouse like CBD oil? You don't have to anymore: Here at Beezy Beez, we sell turmeric CBD oil and it's the best way to prepare for cold season. Taking this everyday will help your body adjust to the changing seasons, as well as make you feel healthier. Here's why you need our turmeric CBD oil this cold season.

Turmeric benefits

Turmeric, a yellow colored spice, comes from the root of the Curcuma plant. It has anti-inflammatory properties thanks to curcumin, a compound found in turmeric. This compound helps boost immunity, which is very important considering having a strong immune system can help ward off colds, coughs, flus and bigger ailments and diseases.

Here are some other benefits of ingesting turmeric:

  • Increases antioxidant capacity in the body
  • Boosts brain function
  • Lowers risk of heart disease
  • Prevents cancer
  • Helps against depression
  • Reduces arthritis


So, along with boosting your immune system, turmeric is good for many other things. It’s a powerhouse of nutrients your body needs to stay healthy, especially during the winter when colds and flus are easy to catch.

Eating turmeric in its raw form is a good idea, but mixing it with oil makes it easier for the body to absorb. That’s why combining it with CBD oil is such a good idea.


CBD benefits

CBD oil, much like turmeric, has numerous health benefits. However, one of the most interesting benefits is that it boosts immunity. That’s because the oil regulates intestinal gut flora, which builds a natural barrier against microbes. This increases the resilience of your body, keeping you healthy and on your game. CBD oil is also anti-inflammatory, just like turmeric. It can help fight off infections, making it quite handy to have around in the colder months.

There are several other reasons to add CBD oil to your wellness routine too: It can help reduce PMS symptoms, clear up your skin and even help soothe pain and soreness. This is a great oil to have at your disposal for many reasons.

CBD oil will not get you high either. It does not have any THC in it, making it perfectly safe to take. You won’t have to worry about impaired judgement, or any other negative side effects. The benefits certainly outweigh the cons.


Combining turmeric + CBD oil: The ultimate immune booster

Something amazing happens when you combine these two powerhouse ingredients: You get the ultimate defense against sickness. Our turmeric CBD oil is perfect for keeping your immune system strong all winter. That’s because while each ingredient is powerful on its own, they are even stronger together. Plus, turmeric’s benefits are better absorbed into the body when combined with an oil (especially one as anti-inflammatory as CBD oil).

To use our turmeric CBD oil, take under the tongue and let it sit there for 30 seconds before swallowing. This will yield the best results. However, there are several other ways to ingest turmeric CBD oil.

How to use turmeric CBD oil:

  • Add it to your favorite soup: Chicken noodle soup helps your immune system as is, so adding a few drops of turmeric CBD oil will only make it better.
  • Add it to your smoothie: This will camouflage the flavor, if you don’t prefer the taste of turmeric but want the benefits.
  • Cook with it: There are so many recipes you can add CBD oil to, so why not try it with turmeric CBD oil instead? Check out our cooking with CBD oil series – breakfast, lunch and dinner


Try to get creative and find new ways to incorporate the turmeric CBD oil into your day. You don’t need much to keep your immune system strong – one or two drops per day should be enough.

Want to get even more prepared for cold season? Try making these honey throat drops. Stay healthy!




Ariana Palmieri is a green beauty blogger who strives to live as eco-friendly as possible. In July 2015 she started her blog, Greenify-Me, to document her own journey with sustainable products and makeup that would benefit the environment. In her spare time she loves to read wellness-related books, devour sushi, drink bubble tea with her boyfriend, and befriend stray cats.



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