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BEEZY BEEZ HONEY (1-06-2017)


                So why should humans eat raw honey. Well first off raw honey isn’t processed like many of the huge commercial brand honey companies out there, domestic and international. Raw honey is not filtered through a filtration system that eliminates the many nutritional values of honey. Raw honey is also not pasteurized.

                So why local raw honey. Well local honey comes usually from an area where you live. Beezy beez honey has hives in many parts of New Jersey alongside garden state pkwy close to new York, we also have hives in Staten island and Brooklyn New York. As our company grows so do our hives. So beezy beez honey is local to many parts of New Jersey and many parts of new York. Local honey is said to help with allergies which I have found to be true. Now I tell everyone it is not 100% effective because some people have different levels of allergies. But I say it does help 80% because I used to have really bad allergies but not anymore. That being said you can still use beezy beez honey if you live in California, texas etc. because our honey is still raw and contains all the nutritional value that honey is supposed to have straight from the hive. But honey from actual beekeepers and keep the bees alive. Buzz buzz