What to Do with Left Over Turkey

Honey, what’s for dinner?

Buzzing with and thankful for leftovers

By: Thyme Captured

The beauty of gathering around a table and giving thanks and breaking bread together.

Surrounded by those we love and are thankful for, plus all that we have in life.

The preparation, time, and love that goes into making thanksgiving dinner is unbelievable. The efforts don’t go without gratitude of course.

As we gathered around a table with our family and friends, breaking bread together, most of us are left with leftovers for days on end.

Thanksgiving originates in America and can be traced back to the early settlers. It was a time of coming together in peace and in celebration for the harvest and to give thanks for all we have, and to be able to come together with family and friends. The first Thanksgiving occurred in October 1621, as the pilgrims gathered for a celebration of autumn harvest. Many of the same food the Indians and pilgrims used, we still prepare for a traditional festive dinner in modern times such as:

  • Cranberries
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Berry pie
  • The many recipes of squash

Without our creature friends, the bees, most of what we eat wouldn’t be able to grow. Beekeeping and honeybees expanded into North America through human migration searching for a new world.

Imagine holidays today, no almond croissants, no Honey glazed ham, or whatever else we can use honey in. Among other produce we all enjoy. Without the bees a lot just wouldn’t be.

What to do with a refrigerator filled with thanksgiving leftovers?

After the feast and the gathering as we clean up and pack away all the amazing tastes of thanksgiving, what is one to do with all those leftovers in the refrigerator?

The sweetness of leftovers for days to come. Even if there’s no leftovers to be had these delicious and easy recipes to follow can be used with leftover chicken or even store-bought turkey breast for a comforting warm, quick and easy meal during the busy holiday season.

How about adding some turkey and veggies and top it with some mashed potatoes like a shepherd’s pie casserole made from leftovers? Glazed with a honey sauce for added taste and nutritional benefits. How about a honey ham sliced sandwich, a slice of cranberry sauce with some of our Hott honey sauce? Sounds like an amazing lunch.

A stir fry turkey leftover with Honey Asian sesame sauce, Recipe to follow in the link

Create, a pot of homemade leftover turkey soup, a few cups of cubed turkey, some broth, celery, peas, corn and onions. Then season to taste with a pinch of some added spices like thyme and sage and even rosemary for flavor.

The endless possibilities and creations from leftovers. Whatever the left over, it can be turned into sweet meals with the joys of yesterday’s memories of the gathering of family and friends, and a little imagination. Leftovers to me, remind me of the story of stone soup where a little of this, a little of that, and a dash of this can become a beautiful pot of food to share. When creating leftovers, it’s always nice to add a dash of new flavors to enhance the taste of the beauty of leftovers, to create a new dish.

Holidays are Busy and a spoonful of honey

Remember within the rush of the holiday season, think about adding some honey to your day. As honey can help ward off stress. A Spoonful of Honey adds a calming dose of tryptophan. Start your day with some honey drizzled over your hot oatmeal, or even make a honey smoothie by adding some of your favorite fruits plain or flavored yogurt and a spoonful of honey to start the day.

Honey has been proven to help calm the nerves, and yes…, when isn’t holiday shopping amongst the crowd not stressful. Let’s not forget the amazing antioxidants that honey contains.

This winter don’t forget all the benefits of honey. As well as the soothing effects for a cold and a scratchy throat.

We here at Beezy beez appreciate our customers throughout the year, we give thanks from our hive and home to yours. This holiday season think about giving the gifts of Honey, the endless possibilities of gift bags from our products is sure to put a smile on anyone face. A gift of health and the sweetness of honey.




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